Volume 3 Issue 2 – February 2017

Volume 3 Issue 2 – February 2017

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A newsletter for Maine Quilts

Callie E Lavoie, Coordinator
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Everyone will have their Red Maine Quilts 2017 Brochure in a couple weeks!Look inside and find your quilt registration form, your workshop and event registration form and your volunteer form. Let’s talk about workshops. Teachers are coming from everywhere!

Pat Delaney – Massachusetts, Harriet Hargrave – Colorado, Philippa Naylor – England,

Pat Pauly – New York, Froncie Quinn – New Hampshire, Ann Unrein – Utah and Jamie Wallen – Indiana. What a line up!

Pat Delaney is teaching about color and two of her quilts. Harriet Hargrave will teach you beginning quilting and machine appliqué. Learn from one of the best. Philippa Naylor is joining us from England and playing with contemporary curved piecing and precision piecing. Our work will be even better with lessons from Philippa! She is also our Friday night Dinner Keynote speaker. Pat Pauly will expand our horizons with visual and obtuse design. Froncie Quinn will bring us back to patterns from quilts in Shelburne Museum and Florence Peto. You want to learn to hand piece and appliqué? Take a Froncie Quinn workshop. Have you ever wanted to make those wonderful bags with the pockets and zippers? Join Ann Unrein and learn all the tips and techniques! Jamie Wallen won the Machine Quilting Teacher of the Year Award in 2013. His workshops will be using Innova longarm machines.

So much variety you are sure to find something to interest you!

Events and activities to also consider with your free time!

• Volunteer!!!

• Celebrate our 40th Anniversary of Maine Quilts with us!

• Enjoy the quilts and special exhibits: “Ruby Celebration”, “Red and White Stitched Together” and “Fantastically 40!”

• Bid at the Silent Auction.

• Buy tickets and stuff the buckets to win your favorite choices at Quilters Walk.

• Join us for Friday night dinner and keynote speaker Philippa Naylor.

• Take a noon lecture with Ann Unrein, Pat Pauly and Froncie Quinn.

• Join us for a Thursday night lecture, 5:30 p.m. with Bruce Magidson, SewBatik.

• Buy a raffle ticket for “Dresden Saucers”, the state raffle quilt.

• Buy a raffle ticket to win a Janome Horizon Memory Craft 9400 QCP.

• Buy raffle tickets at Raffle Alley.

• Buy a 40th anniversary show tee shirt, pin, hat, mug, sweatshirt and other items.

• Visit our vendors!

• Meet friends and enjoy the show!

Volunteer: Have you thought about being a workshop monitor? Contact Linda Quirion if you are interested. Linda_q@roadrunner.com or 399-3609. Volunteer to monitor and help the teacher and your workshop is free!