What is Pine Tree Quilters Guild, Inc.?

Pine Tree Quilters Guild, Inc. (PTQG) is Maine’s non-profit state quilting guild with more than 2,100 members, in 71 chapters. The purpose of PTQG is to promote quilting through workshops, chapter activities, the Patchwork Press newsletter, educational programs and community activities. Members meetings are held in January, April and September at Thomas College, Waterville as published in Patchwork Press. Activities include workshops and lectures led by national and New England quilters, area meetings (PTQG has 7 geographic areas), the Patchwork Press published 6 times a year, the annual quilt show, Maine Quilts, and chapter and area quilt shows.

What is a…

Chapter  – a group of quilters who meet on a regular basis to quilt, take workshops, organize quilt-related activities, and meet with other quilters.

Area – a region within the state of Maine that contains a group of chapters.

Area Representative – the link between chapters in an area and the Pine Tree Quilters Guild General Board. The representative is responsible for visiting chapters in the area, attending Board meetings and communicating information to members.

Floater – a quilter who is a full member of Pine Tree Quilters Guild but does not belong to a particular chapter. Floaters (currently more than 400) are welcome to attend any chapter meetings, area meetings, and all guild activities subject to any restrictions or fees a chapter may charge.

Affiliate – a PTQG member who belongs to more than one chapter.

Patchwork Press – Pine Tree Quilters Guild Inc.’s newsletter. Published six times annually, the Patchwork Press welcomes quilt-related articles and news from members.

What are the benefits of joining PTQG?

The opportunity to meet quilters of all skill levels and interests; a range of workshops to help develop your quilting skills; information about quilting in Maine and New England; an opportunity to be involved as an officer at the chapter, area or state level; trips of interest to quilters; discounts at selected quilt shops (ask at your favorite stores!).

What is the membership year?

October 1 – September 30.

How much does it cost ?

PTQG annual dues are $15/year. Chapters may also have annual dues.

What membership levels are available?

You may join PTQG as a chapter member, an affiliate (belonging to more than one chapter), or a floater (individual membership).

How do I join PTQG?

If you wish to join as a floater, complete the information requested on the Membership form and mail it to the address on the bottom of the form. If you wish to be a chapter member, we can send you the names of the contacts in your vicinity, just use the same form.

What do chapters do?

Local chapters present a variety of programs and activities for members. They meet at various times and places, so we recommend that you visit chapters in your area to find one that suits your interests and schedule.

How do I join a chapter?

Click here to learn more about when and where chapter meetings are held and what types of activities the chapter does. If you would like to join more than one chapter, your dues for the first chapter would include the $15 fee for PTQG membership. Any subsequent chapter(s) would charge only the affiliate dues the chapter may have.

What do I do if I don’t wish to join a chapter?

Floaters are members-at-large who are not affiliated with any one chapter. (We have floaters in many parts of the country!) You are welcome at any chapter meetings and all PTQG activities. Annual dues are $15. You will receive a membership card and Patchwork Press .

What should I do if there are no chapters in my vicinity?

Contact your Area Representative who can help you start a new chapter! All you need is a few interested quilters and a place to meet.

How do I get involved in chapter, area, and state activities?

Talk to people in your chapter or your Area Representative and let them know that you would like to be involved. There is a broad range of activities you can choose from to suit your schedule and interests.

Are there any men in the Guild?

Yes. Membership is open to all interested quilters.

Is PTQG involved in community work?

PTQG members have contributed to many quilt-related projects (New England Quilt Museum, Maine Public Television, educational mini-grants) and many members and chapters make quilts for community projects in their area.

Do I have to be an expert quilter to join the Guild?

Not at all. Whether you’re just learning or have been quilting for years, all quilters are welcome. You’ll find quite a variety of skill levels and interests ranging from traditional quilters who hand piece and hand quilt their work to contemporary quilters who experiment with various techniques and materials…and everything in between. Each member brings something different to PTQG and we welcome the diversity.

Are the facilities handicapped accessible?

We try to make every effort to hold meetings and activities in accessible facilities. If you require assistance, please let us know.

Any more questions?

E-mail Ann Hussey.
She can put you in touch with people in the chapter(s) you might like to join.