Scholarship Guidelines

To provide the opportunity for PTQG members to strengthen their quiltmaking skills and to encourage them to pursue and further the art of quiltmaking. Areas considered for an award include:

  • Artistic development of the quiltmaker and/or experimentation in the field of quilting.
  • Education of the quiltmaker, e.g., workshops to learn new techniques, or to acquire certification for judging and appraising.
  • Other topics related to acquiring quiltmaking knowledge that require payment to pursue.

The PTQG scholarship is intended for an individual’s use only. It cannot be used to fund a group activity, in whole or in part. The scholarship is not transferable to another individual.

Award Amount: 
Three scholarships of $100 each will be awarded annually. This amount will be reviewed each year at the time the PTQG budget is approved. Funds may be used to cover any related purpose costs, including registration fees, required supplies, and/or travel hotel costs. Enrollment in an on-line course or the purchase of an instruction video is eligible.

Applicants are encouraged, but not required, to use these scholarships for a Maine Quilts workshop or for a Spring Guest Workshop or a Fall Guest Workshop. Names of teachers will be found in Patchwork Press or on the Maine Quilts website. If specific information (name of teacher, topic of workshop) is not available by the September 15 application deadline, indicate Maine Quilts workshop, Spring Guest Workshop, or Fall Workshop. If a chosen event is cancelled, the scholarship can be applied to another event within one year of the date of the grant.

Applicants must have been a member of PTQG for at least one year at the time of the application. The completed application form will have as detailed a description as possible of the purpose of the scholarship, including the names of teachers for PTQG or Maine Quilts workshops, or the name of the teacher or organization for a non-PTQG related program. The application must be received or postmarked by September 15 of the current year to be eligible for receiving an award for the following year. Recipients must sign an agreement to use the scholarship fund for the purpose stated in the application within one calendar year of issue, and to complete the reporting responsibilities as outlined below. A recipient must wait three years before applying again to allow as many members as possible to receive a scholarship.

Selection Procedure: 
Applications will be reviewed by the Scholarship Committee and a recommended list of recipients will be presented for approval at the October PTQG General Board Meeting. Criteria for selection will be completeness of the application and appropriateness of the purpose. Secondary factors such as the extent of participation in PTQG may be considered. If there are more than three qualified finalists, the choices will be made by drawing names in a lottery. Awards will be announced at the January Members’ Meeting.

Responsibilities Upon Receiving a Scholarship:

  • For a Maine Quilts workshop, register for the workshop by the first postmark date in the Maine Quilts show brochure to assure getting a place.
  • For a Spring or Fall Guest PTQG workshop, register for the workshop by the deadline in Patchwork Press to assure getting a place.
  • Within 30 days of the completion of the scholarship purpose, send a written report to the PTQG Scholarship Committee Chairperson.
  • Within one year of completion, scholarship recipients are encouraged to make a presentation at a Members’ Meeting in the form of a brief report and a display of a project or work in progress.
  • Write a brief article, with photos if possible, and send it directly to

Failure to comply with all reporting requirements will jeopardize future scholarship awards.

Where To Get An Application:

Download an application or contact Judy Littlefield.
You will need the free software, Adobe Reader, to open the application form.