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PTQG Board

For information about the responsibilities and duties of PTQG’s General Board, please go to Bylaws.

Executive Committee


President Callie Lavoie 2018-2020
1st Vice President Brenda Pinkham 2017-2019
2nd Vice President Ellen Corey 2018-2020
Secretary Terri Douglass 2018-2020
Treasurer Lori Dick 2017-2019
Director 1 Betty Lerette 2018-2020
Director 2 Carmen Dickinson 2017-2019
Director 3 Rose Oleksiak 2018-2020
Director 4 Susan Lamie 2017-2019


Area Representatives

Area 1 – Southern Esther LibbyDianne Brause
Area 2 – Mid-Coast Joanne Moore
Area 3 – Western Kathleen Currier
Area 4 – Central Barbara Duffy,
Area 5 – Eastern Linda Throckmorton
Area 6 – Northern Mary Sirois
Area 7 – Aroostook County **Vacant**


Standing Committee Chairpersons

Assistant Treasurer Susan Gerhardt
Budget / Finance Susan Gerhardt
Bylaws and Procedures Cherie Piper
Guest Workshop / Program Brenda Pinkham
Historian Nena Cunningham
Library Resources Jan Hamilton
Membership – Records Patricia Libby
Membership – Registrar Ann Hussey
Newsletter (Patchwork Press) Laurie Walton
Quilt Show Advisory Barbara Duffy
Special Events Linda Throckmorton
Web Site Callie Lavoie


Special Committee Chairpersons

Maine Quilt Heritage Cynthia BlackWendy C. Reed
Maine Quilts Coordinator Lisa Nash
Mini – Grant Ellen Corey
Nominating Directors
Scholarship Ellen Corey
Trips contact Callie Lavoie if you would like to plan a trip

General Board Meetings

2019 and 2020

June 1, 2019
October 19, 2019
March 21, 2020
June 6, 2020
October 17, 2020