Dear PTQG Quilters,

I hope you enjoyed our virtual Maine Quilts 2021. I am inspired by all the quilts and talent in our state!

The warm weather makes me take needle to hand and work from my lap piecing and quilting. A little afternoon snooze in between stitches is never a bad thing either. Ice cream! I don’t even want to talk about the amount of ice cream I have consumed!

PTQG’s Nominating Committee has done an outstanding job finding us candidates to fill our executive Board this year. Please read their article in the August issue of Patchwork Press and come vote at our September 11 Members’ meeting at Hope Church in Manchester.

We are also introducing our new Maine Quilts coordinator, Laura. Welcome Laura!

Have an enjoyable rest of the summer and return to your Chapters this fall. It is good to start back to our regular routines again!

Happy Quilting!

Callie Lavoie,