We are in spring when we read this! Yeah! We are working on getting our vaccinations and breathing a bit of sunshine and warmer temperatures as we slowly head for summer and meeting with family, friends and fellow quilters. I, for one, can’t wait.

We have four positions open on the General Board for October 1. Please consider joining us as first vice president, treasurer, director 2 or director 4. Information is on our website, www.mainequilts.org or in the February edition of the PWP. It is a fulfilling role with Pine Tree Quilters Guild.

Read the latest Communication and Technology article about how to tell if a website is secure. Pine Tree Quilters Guild has worked to ensure ours is now that we are doing quilt show business online.

Virtual Maine Quilts 2021 is progressing with our online website purchases and quilt registrations.  Please check out https://www.mainequilts.org/quilt_show.

  • We have started accepting quilt registrations both online and with the registration forms found in the February Patchwork Press. Don’t forget your photo!  We will exhibit entries for both theme challenges, “Needle to Needle” and “Duck, Duck, Goose”. A special theme pin will be mailed to you for the theme challenge you enter. With all the stay-at-home time we have enjoyed in the last year we will have lots of quilts to enter! Remember four is the limit! https;//mainequilts.org/quilt_show/quilt-entry-submission/.
  • Purchase your admission to see the quilt show July 29-31. You will receive a login and password to enter and reenter the show anytime the three days. Oh, from the little birdie we are also keeping the show up for another seven days after. Admission can be purchased anytime now and through August 7, 2021. I am very excited to enjoy all our quilters have to offer!
  • We are working with our vendors to include ads for each business and perhaps a special. Stay tuned!

Soon we will be able to meet in some fashion with our chapters and groups sharing our long year of quilting experiences. Stay safe and stay healthy!

Callie Lavoie, President@mainequilts.org