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President’s Block

Dear PTQG Quilters,

The General Board of Pine Tree Quilters Guild, Inc. announced the cancellation of the 2020 Maine Quilts due to the Coronavirus pandemic. We are all very disappointed and sad not to enjoy our celebration of quilting. I was leaving a quilting retreat March 15 to drive back home to a different way of life for us all. It is amazing to me how quickly our lives changed and new habits developed to meet the standards of social distancing and health safety. Homes became our refuge from work locations and turned into school rooms. I hope everyone is safe and healthy and takes great solace in our quilting rooms, quilting corners and projects.

I hope everyone had a chance to send in a bit for “Cooped up Quilters Coping with Quarantine” article. We all made many masks! Send in pictures of the quilts you were intending to show this summer for a virtual quilt show on our website during our canceled quilt show days. We will have a wonderful time enjoying them July 23, 24 and 25.

The General Board is wrestling with scheduling the September Members meeting. We have voted and it will be canceled. I will miss hosting it and seeing all of you if even behind a mask.

Keep comfort and support of family and friends! If all else Zoom!!

Happy Quilting!

Callie Lavoie

President, PTQG