Maine Quilts 2019, July 25-27, 2019 at the Augusta Civic Center

Questions about Maine Quilts? Contact Lisa, Maine Quilts Coordinator at or 207-216-7358.

-Newsletter Editor Wanted!-

PTQG needs a new newsletter editor for the Patchwork Press!

The newsletter is published six (6) times yearly: February, April, June, August, October and December. The mailings are scheduled to provide the members with timely notification of meetings, workshops, Maine Quilts, proposed budget, proposed Bylaw changes, etc.

A candidate must: 

  • Be computer proficient in the use of e-mail; newsletter design applications, word processing, pdf files, spreadsheets and mail merges.
  • Attend all General Board and Members’ Meetings and/or submits reports.
  • Meet publishing deadlines.
  • Be able to maintain regular and frequent communication with all PTQG and MQ personnel.

Please contact Callie Lavoie, President PTQG if you have an interest in this position.; 207-646-8773

-Patchwork Press-

April 2019

Pine Tree Quilters Guild

Members’ Meeting – April 27, 10:00 a.m.
Summit Room, Thomas College, Waterville

Come One, Come All!

Join us early at 9:15 a.m. and watch Wendy C. demonstrate how to create the 8” potholder block for our Bicentennial project. Let’s all make a couple finished blocks for our project!

We will have this year’s Maine Quilts tees, fleece and show pins for sale! Love the buoy logo!

Bring cookies to share at break for lunch. A label, perhaps the recipe and whether the cookie is gluten free would be great!

Our speaker after lunch break is Beth Ferrier of Applewood Farm Publications from Wisconsin.

See you all at the meeting! Callie Lavoie,

President’s Block

Dear PTQG Quilters,

I am forwarding this shortened version of the Patchwork Press as we are having technical difficulties with the issue. Please forward and share with all your chapters and floaters!

I hope we are all working on our 8 ½” potholder blocks for our Bicentennial project. (See the February edition of PWP for the written instructions.) Would love at least one from everyone! We have a big goal!

We have four positions open on the General Board for October 1. Please consider joining us as treasurer, first vice president, director 2 or director 4. Information is on our website, or in the last edition of the PWP. It is a fulfilling role for you with Pine Tree Quilters Guild.

Quilt some flowers and spring colors as we appreciate this warmer weather and longer days!

The next Members’ meeting is April 27 and I hope to see you all there! Bring your cookies!

Callie Lavoie,

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Bookkeeper Wanted!

Pine Tree Quilters Guild, Inc. is hiring a part-time bookkeeper.

The primary responsibilities for this position are to pay invoices, make and accept deposits, complete accounting entries and reports in QuickBooks and prepare and file state and federal tax documents. The bookkeeper reports to the treasurer. The bookkeeper works with the treasurer for reporting financial information to the board and membership. The bookkeeper works on site at the Maine Quilts event.

This position would start with an October 1 – September 30 contract. A small renumeration will be paid for this position along with expenses to attend Maine Quilts.

Please forward resume to Callie Lavoie, President by May 31, 2019 to be considered for the position. Callie can be contacted at or 207-646-8773 with any questions. Please email resume or mail to 501 Chapel Rd., Wells, ME 04090.

125th Members’ Meeting

April Members’
Meeting Agenda

September Members’ Meeting News

Waterville Thomas College, Summit Room,
180 West River Road, Waterville, Maine
Saturday, September 7, 02019
Business meeting at 10:00 a.m.

PTQG workshops Friday, September 6 and Sunday, September 8,

each 9:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.
(Workshop registration form on back cover of this issue.)
Susan Edmonson
Seeds and Pods of Creativity

Come to our exciting fall workshops with Susan Edmonson, from North Carolina, of Susan Edmonson Designs.

Susan is an award-winning quilt maker who started this journey in 1981.  Today she continues to wow her audiences with her unique artistry. She has designed quilt patterns and kits for two national stores as well as her own pattern line. Her specialties have been folk art, crazy quilted purses, wall quilts, and flower doodles. Fabric collage books and mini art quilts are among her newest creations using mixed media techniques. All of her work is lavished with beading and embroidery. She loves working with vintage style fabrics and colors. The patterns she designs have evolved from original pieces inspired from vintage quilt designs and nature that showcase her own unique style. Her students are always encouraged to have fun with their projects while embracing new techniques.

Workshop registration for Susan Edmonson Sept 2019

Our first workshop, Friday September 6, will be in Lewiston at the Ramada-Lewiston with the workshop “Seeds and Pods of Creativity”.

Flowers and Fauna

Sunday, the workshop will be in Bangor, at Dysart’s with the workshop “Flowers and Fauna”. The classes offer 6 difference mini art quilts to hang on a line, or do whatever you wish with them.  Learn new techniques with embroidery, beads, ribbon, lace etc. These techniques can be used on quilts and clothing. We will be working with textures and doing some paint dying. Susan is very creative and fun to watch her create. She will have kits available to purchase and other goodies. (Pictures for Friday workshop on left and for Sunday workshop on right.)

Hope you join us for an awesome learning experience…

Saturday, at the Members’ meeting, Susan will be speaking after lunch.

The workshop registration form is on the back cover of this issue of Patchwork Press and on our website. If you have any questions please call Brenda Pinkham, First Vice President at 207-649-3278 or email

For more information about Susan visit her website at

From the Nominating Committee:

2019 Opportunities in PTQG

Happy New Year, everyone! We are looking for nominees for the September 2019 election of new officers of the PTQG Board.

Please support our guild by reviewing the descriptions below and let the Nominating Committee know if you are interested in running for one of these offices or if you can recommend someone you feel would be a good candidate. More detailed information about the duties of each position is available upon request. These are the positions that are up for election at September’s PTQG Members meeting:

1st Vice President:

The 1st Vice President is responsible for selecting teachers and lecturers for programs and workshops at PTQG Members Meetings. Duties include sending out contracts, arranging for workshop locations and publicizing the workshops/programs via the Patchwork Press and the PTQG website. The 1st Vice President also works as host and facilitator to the teachers by arranging for transportation and lodging and attending the programs and workshops. In the President’s absence or inability to act the 1st Vice President performs the duties of the President. Our current 1st Vice President is Brenda Pinkham.


The Treasurer is responsible for budget planning and care of PTQG’s funds (checking, savings, and certificate of deposit accounts) and prepares a computer-generated treasurer’s report three times per year for presentation at the Members Meetings. The treasurer also oversees and supervises the newly created bookkeeper position. This is a new job description with duties to start October 1, 2019. Our current Treasurer is Lori Dick.


Directors-at-Large serve as liaison between the membership and the General Board. Duties include set up and clean up at meetings, helping distribute door prizes, assisting with show and tell, and serving as the Nominating Committee. There are four Directors-at-Large. 2019 openings are for Directors 2 and 4:

Director 2:

Director 2 is responsible for door prize sign-up at Members Meetings, the door prize box, pencils and paper. Our current Director 2 is Carmen Dickinson.

Director 4:

Director 4 is responsible for the first aid kit and accident reports at all PTQG, Inc. functions. Our current Director 4 is Susan Lamie.

Each PTQG Board member attends all board meetings and members meetings and/or submits a report. The term for each of these positions is two years. No officer may serve more than three consecutive terms in the same office. We look forward to hearing from you.

The Nominating Committee:

Susan Lamie, 207-783-9541

Carmen Dickinson,


The Bicentennial is coming! The Bicentennial is coming!

by Callie Lavoie, Bicentennial Committee Chair and Committee

Cyndi Black, Susan Bulay, Barbara Duffy, Joan Emerson, Susan Lamie and Linda Throckmorton

Did you know that 2020 is the state of Maine’s Bicentennial year? PTQG is joining in on the celebration with a guild project. Please join us.

Laurie Labar, Chief Curator of History and Decorative Arts at the Maine State Museum in Augusta, is creating an exhibit at the Museum to start on Thursday night, July 23, 2020 to end on Saturday, July 31, the last day of our quilt show in 2021. There will be 40 quilts exhibited for the first six months and then a second 40 quilts for the second 6 months. At least three potholder quilts will be included in the exhibit.  She is also authoring a book about the exhibit, “Comfort and Community, 250 Years of Maine Quilts” and quilting history with extensive information about each quilt featured and about quilting life. This book will include many photographs and will be published as a hard cover edition of at least 100 pages, and as a smaller edition soft cover.

Our project will be to fundraise to support this exhibit and book by making potholder blocks which, at this time of thought, we will be selling finished quilt creations at Maine Quilts 2020.

Step By Step Instructions
Step By Step Directions

Pot holder blocks were a very popular method of quilt making in the 19th century, especially in Maine and a few other New England states. They also lend themselves to making great group quilts. We are asking each member to make at least one potholder block, 8 ½” square, to be combined with other blocks into quilts, table runners and potholders. Many chapters have had workshops with Wendy Caton Reed on how to make these blocks. She has Step By Step Directions in this edition and will be demonstrating the procedure before our April Members’ meeting, April 27. You may make as many finished potholder blocks as you wish using any block design, use any colors for block, back and binding. Reproduction type fabrics would be lovely but not required. Please do not use the following types of fabrics as they would not have been used 200 years ago: No – batiks, no holiday prints, no kid’s fabrics and no novelty prints.

We would like to collect these finished blocks (8 ½” square) at our 2019 Board meetings in March and June, Members’ meetings in April and September, and at Maine Quilts 2019 in the room with the Maine State Museum exhibit in July. If you are unable to turn them in at any of these events please pass them to your Area Representative, other Board Members or friends to bring for you. If you want to mail blocks please send to:

Joan Emerson
127 Old Pool Rd.

Biddeford, ME 04005

Laurie and the Museum will give us free admission to the yearlong exhibit, starting July 24, 2020. Champagne Preview Wednesday night participants at Maine Quilts 2020 will get an invitation to Preview night at the Museum on Thursday night, the next night in 2020. Laurie also offered us a table at that opening night to man with membership information to PTQG. I feel the Museum is putting together a gift for all PTQG members!

I think this is a fabulous plan and a great benefit to our members and I hope everyone participates making blocks and enjoys the exhibits at the Museum!

Volume 6, Issue 5 – May 2019

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A newsletter for Maine Quilts

Lisa K. Nash, Coordinator | | | 207-216-7358

Let’s see….. Where should I start. I’ve got some reminders and I don’t want to forget anything!! If you don’t read this, you won’t know what you are missing!!!!

  • Secondly, what about that class I wanted to take? Well, if you haven’t signed up yet don’t delay. There are a number of classes that are filled. Please take a look and sign up so you won’t be disappointed. We have some great teachers and interesting classes. Many classes have complimentary sewing machines. What a wonderful opportunity to test drive a new machine and check out all of the new technology. Sign up now! Check our website for further updates on full workshops:
  • Next, don’t forget to volunteer! There are 2 hour shifts to be filled! Maine Quilts needs you to make this show a success! 2 hours will give you a free day admission.
  • Want to hang quilts and see the quilts up close and personal?
  • There are many sit down jobs including Admission, Show Information table, Raffle Ticket table, Raffle Sewing Machine table and Volunteer table. Quilter’s Walk, White Glove volunteers and Merchandise have spaces also . We also need volunteers at the Silent Auction.
  • We need help to load the U-haul on Tuesday morning, show set up and show take down of quilts and reloading the U-haul and unloading at the storage unit Saturday after the show. If you are coming up to pick up a quilt on Saturday it is a great time to volunteer. A few more volunteers during take down will help to speed up this process for everyone. You will not need to climb a ladder if you don’t want to!! There are plenty of tasks for everyone.
  • Find what you can do to help, fill out a form from your brochure or on our website and send to Susan Bulay, Volunteer Chair. Questions? Ask Susan at or 207-827-6136. Click Volunteer Opportunities to find the form.
  • Is your quilt group interested in entering a raffle quilt for raffle alley? Contact Lee by June 1 at or 876-3508.
  • The Silent Auction will be open daily from 10:00 AM – 3:30 PM when the bidding closes. Winners will be announced each day and items may be paid for and picked up by 4:00 PM the same day. Since different items will be available each day it is important to come check out what is available. Bid early and often!! We are looking for donations with a minimum value of $25.00. Donations can be quilted items or other handcrafted items, but they can also be other items that you would like to bid on such as sewing items or gift cards. A blank form is also attached with this monthly update. Donations may also be given to your area rep who can arrange to get them down to me or one of the co-chairs. You may also contact me to make arrangements to get the items to the right place. Donations must be made by July 10th. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact Jill Fox at or Mary Saucier at or me.
  • We also need help with judging this year. If this is something you are willing to do please let me know!!
  • Finally, next year we need a number of new chairs including a volunteer chair, a workshop monitor chair and a Quilt Delivery Chair so that the lovely ladies who have been working for a number of years can have a well-deserved break. Chairs will get guidance and will not be left on their own. If this is something you would like to get more information about please let me know.

Thank you for all that you do!!

-Silent Auction Donation Form

Silent Auction Donation form May 2019