Maine Quilts 2022 Chair Positions Open!

There are a few opportunities for YOU to become a chairperson for Maine Quilts 2022! Chairpersons play key roles in preparing for and helping at the show.

The following Chair positions are waiting for YOU to volunteer for!

Quilt Layout Chair: develops the layout of all quilts at the show; oversees the hanging of quilts during show set-up
Volunteer Chair: arranges for volunteers to help with various aspects of the show, solicits volunteers, processes volunteer registration, prepares for volunteers in-person registration at show

Please contact Laura Nichols, Maine Quilts Coordinator, for more information and to sign up for one of these openings.

Need – Librarian!

PTQG is looking for a new librarian as Jan is retiring. 

The librarian holds and distributes the library materials of the guild.
Keeps a list of materials available and those requested.
Attend General Board meetings and Members’ meetings. 

Any questions you can reach Jan at

Contact Callie Lavoie, PTQG President if you are interested in the position.; 207-646-8773

We need you!

Maine Quilts: 250 Years of Comfort and Community

by Laurie Labar is available at last!

We had to wait a year, thanks to Covid, but a new book, Maine Quilts: 250 Years of Comfort and Community, is available at last by Laurie Labar, Chief Curator of History and Decorative Arts, Maine State Museum.

Maine Quilts:250 Years of Comfort and Community
celebrates Maine’s quilts, their makers, and the ways they reflect Maine’s past. Throughout the state’s history, whole communities of Maine women held together households, farms, businesses, and families when men were at sea, at war, or in the woods. The social networks that supported these women, and the political environments in which they lived, show in the fabrics, patterns and inscriptions of quilts that these women made. LaBar uses the stories she discovers to enlighten, entertain, and bring new voices to Maine history. The quilts she has studied spotlight women and communities across Maine, where the distinctive character of life and experience finds voice in locally-made quilts.


Volume 8, Issue 1, September 2021

A newsletter for Maine Quilts

Laura Nichols, Maine Quilts Coordinator | | | 207-216-7358

It is my pleasure to say “hello!” to you as your new Maine Quilts Coordinator! We may have had the opportunity to meet during my time as the Maine Quilt Shop Hop Coordinator for the past several years. As I transition into my new role as Maine Quilts Coordinator, one thing remains the same: the passion for sewing and quilting that can be found in Maine. I look forward to seeing that passion come to life when we attend Maine Quilts 2022 on July 28-30, 2022.

Announcing the Maine Quilts 2022 Theme: “Maine Seas First Light”

This year’s theme is full of possibilities for you to be creative as you plan and begin making your entries for the 2022 show. Waves! Sun! Light! Sunrise! And those are just a few words that come to mind when thinking about “Maine Seas First Light”. Happy planning!

There are a few opportunities for YOU to become a chairperson for Maine Quilts 2022! Chairpersons play key roles in preparing for and helping at the show. If you would like to learn more about this year’s volunteer opportunities, please contact me soon. Our current Chairpersons will warmly welcome you. 

The special exhibits for Maine Quilts 2022 will be must-see stops during your time at the show. “HERstory: A Celebration of Strong Women”, originally slated to be at Maine Quilts 2020, will be on display at this year’s show.

See you at the Pine Tree Quilters Guild Members’ Meeting on September 11! I look forward to meeting you there.