Volume 1, Issue 4 – April 2015

Volume 1, Issue 4 – April 2015

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A newsletter for Maine Quilts

Callie E Lavoie, Coordinator
info@mainequilts.org | www.mainequilts.org | www.facebook.com/MaineQuilts.org | 207-216-7358

An update!

1. Our first workshop is full: Karen Dever’s “Wee Quilts”. One of the workshops with sewing machines provided! Check our website for further updates on full workshops: http://www.mainequilts.org.

2. Two other teachers have workshops about 75% full: Angela Walters (long arm teacher) and Weeks Ringle or Bill Kerr (modern quilts and color). If you have an interest, don’t delay!

3. “Friday Night Intrigue at The Puffin Rock Inn” – Quite a few of us are going to this really fun evening. How about you?

4. Quilts! We need quilts! All FOUR of your quilts!

5. Volunteers! Have you decided what you are going to do?

Some thoughts:

a. Hand work demos – what do you do for hand work? Demonstrate at the “Quilters at Work” table, center aisle of the Auditorium for 2 hours. 2 chairs and a table. Hand quilting hoop stand available also.

b. Be a White Glover.

c. Assist at the Silent Auction table taking bids or later in the day selecting the winners and taking payment.

d. Show Take Down. While you are waiting to pick up your quilt we need help collecting and loading the truck for the storage unit and unloading at the storage unit. Last year we were done around 7:00 p.m.

e. Workshop Registration Table assisting with registration pickup, especially Thursday night.

Attached to this form is a Silent Auction Donation form – basic information for the Chairperson to know who donated what. Please include with your item.

Make the Connection Quiz Can you match across or diagonally what in Column 1 goes with Column 2?

1. Storm at Sea Block

2. Puffin: Not Just Black And White

3. “Quilts Made Modern”

4. Friday night raffle item

5. “The Allure of Red and Green”

6. Murder at the Quilt Show

7. Scream

8. “Point, Click, Quilt”

9. WomenHeart

10. “Crossed Path”

A. Sunday noon lecture

B. Raffle Quilt

C. Scavenger Hunt

D. Silent Auction Charity

E. Saturday noon lecture

F. Show Pin

G. Floriana Total Control Professional Embroidery Software Package and threads (MSRP $4300)

H. Challenge Theme

I.”Friday Night Intrigue at The Puffin Rock Inn”

J. Friday noon lecture


Volume 1, Issue 4 – April 2015 Answers: 1-F, 2-H, 3-J, 4-G, 5-A, 6-C, 7-I, 8-E, 9-D, 10-B