Please Read Carefully!

  • Quilt entries may be submitted by mail or online at
  • All quilt entries must be postmarked or submitted online no later than May 15, 2021. No late entries will be accepted.
  • A digital photograph of the completed quilt must be submitted for each quilt entry. 
  • An individual may enter a combined total of four quilts. 
    • An individual is limited to one entry in the “From Needle to Needle” Challenge and one entry in the “Duck, Duck, Goose” Challenge.  
  • Quilts may not have been previously exhibited at Maine Quilts except by special request.
  • All quilts must contain quilting except those made by Youth or those that meet the Quilt Category General Exhibit – Other description. 
  • The submission of any quilt is deemed to include a statement that the quilter has obtained written permission from any holder of a copyright for the design or other elements of the quilt. Such permission will permit the quilter to display the quilt publicly and allow it to be photographed. Maine Quilts reserves the right, in its discretion, to ask any quilter to furnish a copy of such permission. 
  • Maine Quilts reserves the right to refuse entries that cannot be photographed for Maine Quilts archival purposes, are not suitable for the general audience, or do not meet the entry guidelines. 

Guidelines for Photographs:

  • Quilt photographs must be submitted in one of the following file formats: .jpg or .jpeg.
  • The minimum file size is 1000 by 500 pixels. A smaller image may not be a satisfactory representation of your item. You may also send your photo using the large size on your cell phone. The maximum file size for the uploaded image file is 5 MB. Photos may be cropped/edited at the discretion of the Maine Quilts.

Suggestions for Good Photography:

  • We recommend using your camera or phone on the highest resolution setting, and saving as a JPG or JPEG file. Consult your camera or phone’s instruction manual to learn how to set your camera to take high-resolution photos.
  • Make sure the entire quilt is visible in the full shot. To take the photo, position yourself directly in front of the quilt so that you have a straight-on angle. 
  • There should be no people, objects, pets, or scenery in the picture. The background will distract from your quilt. Learn how to crop your picture in image editing software so that a minimum of the background shows.
  • Do not drape your quilt over furniture or lay it flat on a bed or on the floor. 
  • Take photographs on a light neutral wall or background. 
  • Lighting should be as even as possible across the front of the quilt. Sometimes the best lighting is outdoors, but be careful about the time of day. Direct sunlight on the quilt can cause shadows or a glare that obscures details in the photo and can bleach out the color of your quilt. 
  • Make sure your camera is focused. If your hand is shaky, use a tripod or a solid surface for the camera. 

Questions about entering a quilt? Contact the Quilt Registrar, Sue Rapalus, at or 207-582-0277.