Volume 5, Issue 9 – September 2018

Volume 5, Issue 9 – September 2018

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A newsletter for Maine Quilts

Lisa K. Nash, Coordinator
info@mainequilts.org | www.mainequilts.org | www.facebook.com/MaineQuilts.org | 207-216-7358

Here is my first shot at the Maine Quilts monthly newsletter. I have now taken over as the Maine Quilts Coordinator.  During the last three months as I have job shadowed Callie I have learned a great deal.  Callie has left me some big shoes to fill.  I look forward to working with all of you.  My impressions of the 2018 Maine Quilts show are that Maine Quilt Lovers do a heck of a job putting on a wonderful show!!!  The volunteers in this organization make the show. It was great to see such a wonderful group of people who give countless hours of their time and expertise in order to make this show a success. This is truly a marvelous sight to see.

I have been a member of Cobblestone Quilters for quite a few years.  I enjoy quilting and love to learn new skills and techniques.  I am inspired by the quilts that I see and I have been humbled and awed to see the generosity of quilters throughout the state.

As we move forward in making plans for the 2019 Maine Quilts show I look forward to hearing from all of you.  This is a show run by all of you and your input is very important.

There are a number of openings for Chairs including Admissions Chair, Children’s Classes, Signs, and Charity Event. For those that might hesitate to take on one of these roles I would like to mention that each chair receives a notebook outlining the duties of the job. This takes a lot of quess work out of the process. I can tell you from experience that the notebooks contain a lot of great information. Each Chair has some specific tasks that need to be completed.  Some tasks are done at home; some are done at the show.  Some are for a very short time and some are longer.   If you think you might be interested give it a try!  You will have lots of support from others.   It is a great opportunity to get more involved and have a lot of fun.

I wanted to include a photo of Kari who is the joyous winner of the Martelli table at the 2018 show. She looks like she is ready to quilt!