Volume 3, Issue 6B – June 2017

Volume 3, Issue 6B – June 2017

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A newsletter for Maine Quilts

Callie E Lavoie, Coordinator
info@mainequilts.org | www.mainequilts.org | www.facebook.com/MaineQuilts.org | 207-216-7358

Exciting News!

Callie E Lavoie, Coordinator

info@mainequilts.org, www.mainequilts.org, www.facebook.com/MaineQuilts, 207-216-7358

Martelli Enterprises is back and sponsoring Champagne Preview! The exciting news is their sponsor donation of a $3500 workstation table, the “Advantage”, 39” by 59”, height adjustable, with large rotary cutting mat. We will be offering the opportunity to win this table through Quilters’ Walk for a minimum of a $3 sheet of tickets. Of course you are going to want to stuff the bucket with many tickets to increase the odds of winning it! We will have the workstation set up in the lobby Champagne Preview night and Quilters’ Walk for Tursday 0 Saturday. Good luck!

An update!

1. Workshops- a. One canceled workshops: Saturday, Flowerpot Quilt with Froncie Quinn.

b. One more opening in Contemporary Curved Piecing with Philippa Naylor Wed and Thursday 2 day, Catch All Caddy and also A Place for Everything Bag with Annie Unrein, Hue Can Do It with Pat Delaney, and The New Big Leaf with Pat Pauly. Here is your chance!


Right now we have one and three students in our Children’s workshops on Saturday. Please register your child or grandchild to make hanging organizer or mug rug. They will have fun with a good teacher!

2. Volunteers – Thank you for coming forward and volunteering! We need folks to White Glove every day and every shift! You represent Maine Quilts and have a great opportunity to showcase our quilts and provide an educational forum for our attendees. A valuable volunteer for our show! a. Tuesday morning –meet at the Storage Unit at 8 a.m. to load the U-Haul and unload at the Civic Center

b. Wednesday night – Admissions table, Merchandise, Quilters Walk, White Glove.

c. Thursday – Saturday – merchandise sales, show info table, volunteer table, vendor assistant and admissions. And almost every shift for white glove.

d. Saturday – Show takedown at 5 p.m. The more volunteers the sooner the quilts can be taken home. Going with the U-Haul to unload at the storage unit.

We also need:

As you can see we need you and many of you! Find a shift or two and sign up! It may be your first time to volunteer but it won’t be your last as you are hooked on the helping the show! Contact Susan Bulay, Volunteer Chair, volunteer@mainequilts.org or 207-827-6136 and join in.

Come see all the quilts we have this year with over 200 in Red and White Celebration! A great 40th anniversary year with Cake and champagne Wednesday night Preview!