Volume 2, Issue 9 – September 2016

Volume 2, Issue 9 – September 2016

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Callie E Lavoie, Coordinator
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Judge’s Choice Ribbons and National Association of Certified Quilt Judges Ribbons!

Judge’s Choice Ribbon, Mary E Derry, NACQJ, 2016. D131. Cabin Nines by Audrey Briggs, Falmouth. (82 x 82) Traditional: variation of Log Cabin. Source: Fons & Porter Love of Quilting, Mar/Apr 2013, “Sprigs & Twigs” by Kim Diehl. Professionally hand quilted by Carolyn Bernier.

Judge’s Choice Ribbon, Pat Harrison, NACQJ, 2016. D114. Woven Tumblers by Judy Babbidge, Limestone. (102 x 82) Traditional Tumbler.

Judge’s Choice Ribbon, Mary Walter, NACQJ, 2016. MOD106. A Checkered Path by Kathryn Simel, Cushing. (66 x 70) Original design. Professionally machine quilted (la, cass) by Stacey Bendure.

NACQJ Award of Merit Ribbon, Mary E Derry, 2016. D149. Blooming Batiks by Jill Ames, Trenton. (64 x 73) Inspired by a wall hanging designed by Jen Daly. Source: Quilter’s Newsletter, April 2015, “Hothouse Flowers” by Jen Daly jendalyquilts.com, jendalyquilts@gmail.com. Professionally hand quilted by Mary Miller.

NACQJ Award of Merit Ribbon, Pat Harrison, 2016. J322. Descended from the Stars by Sarah Ann Smith, Hope. (40 x 40) Original design with Poem used by permission of Mirza Khan.

NACQJ Award of Merit Ribbon, Mary Walter, 2016. J317. Burning Leaves by Wendy Caton Reed, Bath. (48 x 48) Original design.

First row – D131, D114, MD106; second row – D149, J322, J317