A newsletter for Maine Quilts

Barbara Duffy, Maine Quilts Coordinator
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Quilt Registration Opens Today, February 1! 

Maine Quilts provides members of PTQG and other quiltmakers the opportunity to share their work with those who appreciate this wonderful art form. Have you selected which quilts you’ll be entering in this year’s show? Each person may submit up to four quilts. Get your quilts out of the cupboard and on display! I can’t wait to see them! 

All the guidelines for entering quilts, including Chapter Challenge entries, Judged Quilts division, the Blanket Permission List, and the Quilt Entry Forms, are available on our website at www.mainequilts.org/quilt_show/general-quilt-entry-information-and-guidelines/   All quilt entries must be submitted no later than May 15. 

 Maine Quilts 2023 Raffle Quilt “Lepidoptera”

This queen sized (94×99) quilt was donated by Linda Throckmorton, a charter member of Pine Tree Quilt Guild. It began as a teaching project of reverse applique. She made kits for each block for the members of her local chapter. The chapter chose another project instead and they sat around Linda’s home for a couple of years when she decided to make them herself. Lucky for us! The result is these expertly reverse hand-appliqued butterfly blocks that make up this colorful quilt!

Machine quilted by Marlene Wilbur.

Chapter raffle ticket packets were available at the meeting – those not picked up will be mailed to the chapter contacts.  Floaters will receive their raffle tickets in the mail. We ask each PTQG member show their support by making a purchase of a minimum of 2 books of tickets for $10.

For additional tickets please contact Elly Simard at ufoquilter1@gmail.com