A newsletter for Maine Quilts

Laura Nichols, Maine Quilts Coordinator 
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Quilt Registration Opens Today, February 1! 

Maine Quilts provides members of PTQG and other quiltmakers the opportunity to share their work with those who appreciate this wonderful art form. Have you selected which quilts you’ll be entering in this year’s show? Each person may submit up to four quilts. I can’t wait to see your quilts on display!

All the guidelines for entering quilts, including Chapter Challenge entries, Judged Quilts division, the Blanket Permission List, and the Quilt Entry Forms, are available online at www.mainequilts.org/quilt_show/general-quilt-entry-information-and-guidelines/   All quilt entries must be submitted no later than May 15. 

Workshop and Event Registration Opens March 15

Get your workshop attendance plan made and your computer ready! Workshop and Event Registration opens at 12:01 AM on March 15. Online registration means you will immediately be registered for the workshops and events you wish to partake in (as long as workshops haven’t filled) once you complete your registration. 

 You are going to love the efficiency of online registration. Spend some time between now and March 15 selecting the workshops and events you’d like to attend. Based on the favorable responses given to this year’s workshop lineup, I’m anticipating workshops to fill quickly this year- so be ready to secure your spot on March 15!  

A paper workshop registration form is available this year for those without computer access.

Find the complete workshop schedule at  mainequilts.org/quilt_show/2022-workshop-schedule/ .