A newsletter for Maine Quilts

Lee Priest
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The time is really short to register your quilt/quilts for the 2021 Virtual Maine Quilts, May 15, 2021. There are only two weeks left to register your quilts. You may register up to four quilts for the show. To have a spectacular show we need Quilts, Quilts, Quilts. Check out the link for early admission to the show. At $5.00 per person this a real bargain. You will be able to see the show at your leisure 24 hours a day for 10 days instead of only 3 days and traveling to Augusta. Because of the difficult times we are in Pine Tree Quilters Guild is not the only Virtual Show this year.

The merchandise is limited this year. You will want to purchase your 2021 Show Pin if you do not already have one. The 2020 Bicentennial Pin is also available. The tote bag is really a must to have to commemorate this special Virtual Maine Quilts. Make sure you get yours before it is too late and they are gone.

Sign up for the 1:00 p.m. Zoom lectures: Gyleen Fitzgerald Thursday July 29, Barb Vedder Friday July 30 and Jane Sassaman Saturday July 31. These are interesting and informative lectures. There is limited space so sign up now and do not miss out. The lectures are only $10.00 each per person.

Finally, do not forget to purchase your raffle tickets for the beautiful hand appliqued and hand quilted “My Garden” quilt by member Jo Bunker. Because of the pandemic and we are not able to be out and about it has been suggested that each member buy two books of tickets at $5.00 each.

The Quilt Show Advisory Board would like to thank you in advance for supporting your Pine Tree Quilters Guild and your Maine Quilts, by registering your quilts, purchasing admission tickets, raffle tickets, merchandise and attending the lectures.