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Denise Turgeon, Coordinator
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Hello! I started as the Maine Quilts Coordinator a few weeks ago and have hit the ground running! I am thankful for all the Committee Chairs who have stayed on and those, like me, who are jumping in for the first time. 

Many of you have reached out already with ideas for teachers and other important feedback. Please don’t hesitate to contact me via the email address or phone number listed above. This is our show! 

Although we are turning the page to 2021, a couple of good things are carrying over from 2020. First, the Theme Challenge: Needle to Needle. If you started work on that challenge, you will be able to submit it in 2021! And, the Special Exhibit “HERStory; A Celebration of Strong Women” will be making its way to Augusta in July. These are some amazing quilts. If you’d like to learn more about the exhibit, you can visit the National Quilt Museum’s overview at: https://quiltmuseum.org/herstory/

One of the best things about the show is the opportunity to learn from well-known teachers in the workshops! We will be meeting in a few weeks to develop the detailed schedule for 2021; keep an eye out for all the details in future newsletters. 

To make the 2021 show a reality, we do need a few more key people. We need Committee Chairs for the following efforts: Volunteers, Signs, and the Charity Event. We have a detailed timeline document for each role that outlines exactly what is required. The timeline is especially helpful because makes it easy to focus your time. And, there are many people who are there to help you at every step: the other Committee Chairs, the person who formerly held the role, the Quilt Show Advisory Team, and me. Being a Committee Chair is a great opportunity to get more involved, meet people, and have a lot of fun. Join us! 

Finally, the 2021 Theme Challenge is called Duck, Duck Goose. Start looking through your patterns and stash; we can’t wait to see your interpretations… 


Maine Quilts 2021

Champagne Preview
Wed July 28

Show and Workshops 
Thurs July 29-Sat July 31