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Lee Priest
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Maine Quilts 2021

This year is going to be another year with different style of Maine Quilts. The Quilt Show Advisory Committee has been working hard to get a virtual show for you all to enjoy. One of the things that will be different is that you will able to enjoy the show from the comfort of your home in your jammies if you want. Another is we will not be asking for volunteers. That is not to mean you do not need to keep your volunteering skills sharp. We will be needing your help in the live quilt 2022 quilt show.

The Quilt Show Advisory Committee is excited and needs your participation in several areas.

1.) Be sure to check out the new Maine Quilts home page that is up on the web site. Go to www.mainequilts.org and click on the Go to the QUILT SHOW tab in the first article (or www.mainequilts.org/quilt_show/) that will bring you to the Virtual Quilt show page. Check in often as there will be regular updates.

2.) To have a show we need Quilts! Quilts! Quilts! You will be able to register your quilts online. There will be a registration form in the Patchwork Press if you do not want to register your quilts online. When you register you will have to have a photo of the finished quilt. You may enter a maximum of 4 quilts.

Do not forget there are two challenge exhibitions. The 2020 exhibition of Needle to Needle and the 2021 exhibition of Duck, Duck, Goose. Remember you will receive a special pin for entering either or both challenges.

The General Quilt Entry Information and Guidelines, Quilt Categories and Terms, and Blanket Permission list are available in Patchwork Press and online. You will find suggestions for quilt photography. Please read them carefully to ensure that your entry is complete. If you have not yet secured permission to display your quilt, do it soon so that it does not delay your entry from. Only fully completed entries will be accepted by May 15.

3.) Sell! Sell! Sell! We have a lovely hand appliquéd, hand quilted raffle quilt “My Garden Quilt” made and donated by Jo Bunker. Check out the web page for a photo. Tickets will not be sold at the virtual show so our membership will need to get out and sell these tickets. There will be a cost of sending out tickets. Again, check out the web site or Patchwork Press to see how to get your tickets.

4.) Buy! Buy! Buy! There will be vendors and a link to the vendors web page to see the latest fabrics and gadgets. You all need to save your pennies, nickels, dimes and dollars to support the show vendors. There will also be a special souvenir show pin and a tote bag that you will want to have. 

Until next time keep on piecing!