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A newsletter for Maine Quilts

Lisa K. Nash, Coordinator | | | 207-216-7358

Let’s see….. Where should I start. I’ve got some reminders and I don’t want to forget anything!! If you don’t read this, you won’t know what you are missing!!!!

  • Secondly, what about that class I wanted to take? Well, if you haven’t signed up yet don’t delay. There are a number of classes that are filled. Please take a look and sign up so you won’t be disappointed. We have some great teachers and interesting classes. Many classes have complimentary sewing machines. What a wonderful opportunity to test drive a new machine and check out all of the new technology. Sign up now! Check our website for further updates on full workshops:
  • Next, don’t forget to volunteer! There are 2 hour shifts to be filled! Maine Quilts needs you to make this show a success! 2 hours will give you a free day admission.
  • Want to hang quilts and see the quilts up close and personal?
  • There are many sit down jobs including Admission, Show Information table, Raffle Ticket table, Raffle Sewing Machine table and Volunteer table. Quilter’s Walk, White Glove volunteers and Merchandise have spaces also . We also need volunteers at the Silent Auction.
  • We need help to load the U-haul on Tuesday morning, show set up and show take down of quilts and reloading the U-haul and unloading at the storage unit Saturday after the show. If you are coming up to pick up a quilt on Saturday it is a great time to volunteer. A few more volunteers during take down will help to speed up this process for everyone. You will not need to climb a ladder if you don’t want to!! There are plenty of tasks for everyone.
  • Find what you can do to help, fill out a form from your brochure or on our website and send to Susan Bulay, Volunteer Chair. Questions? Ask Susan at or 207-827-6136. Click Volunteer Opportunities to find the form.
  • Is your quilt group interested in entering a raffle quilt for raffle alley? Contact Lee by June 1 at or 876-3508.
  • The Silent Auction will be open daily from 10:00 AM – 3:30 PM when the bidding closes. Winners will be announced each day and items may be paid for and picked up by 4:00 PM the same day. Since different items will be available each day it is important to come check out what is available. Bid early and often!! We are looking for donations with a minimum value of $25.00. Donations can be quilted items or other handcrafted items, but they can also be other items that you would like to bid on such as sewing items or gift cards. A blank form is also attached with this monthly update. Donations may also be given to your area rep who can arrange to get them down to me or one of the co-chairs. You may also contact me to make arrangements to get the items to the right place. Donations must be made by July 10th. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact Jill Fox at or Mary Saucier at or me.
  • We also need help with judging this year. If this is something you are willing to do please let me know!!
  • Finally, next year we need a number of new chairs including a volunteer chair, a workshop monitor chair and a Quilt Delivery Chair so that the lovely ladies who have been working for a number of years can have a well-deserved break. Chairs will get guidance and will not be left on their own. If this is something you would like to get more information about please let me know.

Thank you for all that you do!!