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Callie E Lavoie, Coordinator | | | 207-216-7358

I was reading last year’s April edition and saw snow on April 1. The last couple days it’s been flying in the air again. Sping will come!

An update! Really looking forward to the Quilt Show!

  1. New workshop added!
    Wednesday, July 26 we have added a repeat “Hawaiian Appliqué”, #101, with Nancy Chong. Same as Saturday workshop.
  2. Workshops full today are Thursday workshop with Karen Eckmeier “Accidental Landscapes Mountain Views”. Morning version of “Beaches” is almost full. Also full are both Sally Terry longarm workshops on Friday, “Calm Seas” with Michele Hiatt on Friday and Nancy Chong “Hawaiian Appliqué” on Saturday.Nearing full is “Twisted” with Lynn Hagmeier on Thursday, “2 Fabric Appliqué” with Nancy Chong on Friday, “Mazed” with Kristy Daum on Saturday and “Happy Villages” with Karen Eckmeier on Saturday. Check our website for further updates on full workshops:
  3. “Hawaiian Quilting – Its History, Traditions and Superstitions” lecture with Nancy Chong with the Friday Night Dinner is filling nicely. Come join us! Please sign up on Workshop and Event Registration form.
  4. Noon lectures with Michelle Hiatt on Thursday, Kristy Daum on Friday and Susan Carlson on Saturday are very popular! Bring your lunch upstairs and enjoy these knowledgeable and entertaining speakers. Please sign up on Workshop and Event Registration form.
  5. Volunteers! Have you decided what you are going to do?
    a. Demonstrations – 10-15 minute presentations on a technique, project or new tool. Thursday, Friday or Saturday. Contact Carol Reed. or 207-876-4381.
    b. Be a White Glove volunteer.
    c. Sell Tees and merchandise at the Merchandise Sales table in the lobby.
    d. Sell Quilt or sewing machine raffle tickets or sell tickets for Quilters Walk.
    e. Workshop Registration Table assisting with registration pickup, especially Wednesday night.

***Please fill out the Volunteer Sign up form.

Quilt Registration:

  1. We have updated information the Blanket Permission list. Check the website to see if the list will aid you with your copyright permission requests.
  2. You have questions about entering a Group Challenge? Contact Carmen at or 207-612-6343.

**I am working on a red scarf for the HeartScarves project. How about you?
**I am also signing up to do a videotaping with my favorite appliqué quilt story with Quilt Alliance?
How about you?

See you in July!