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Barbara Duffy, Maine Quilts Coordinator
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Critical Area of Need for Volunteers

We appreciate our volunteers, without whom this show would not happen! Please give us a few hours of your time. We desperately need volunteers to white glove, especially on Wednesday evening – 7-9pm – these are 1-hour shifts – in the main auditorium as well as the special exhibits areas. Most of the other volunteer slots have already been filled but there is always room for more! Just a two-hour shift will grant you admission to the show either on the day you volunteer or another day of your choosing. 

Please contact Rachel Nelson, Volunteer Chair, to commit to your volunteer time slot: volunteer@mainequilts.org or 207-416-5896


July 15: Box Lunch order forms must be purchased by July 15th! Lunch orders received after July 15th will not be accepted. The order form is on our website – www.mainequilts.org –  under the tab, Maine Quilts, Show & Workshop Registration. 

July 15: Thursday night banquet reservations must be made by July 15! Reservations will not be accepted after July 15th. Make your Thursday night banquet reservation now! 

July 15: Advanced Admission received by July 15th will receive a ticket to Opening Night Preview Wednesday Evening, admission to the show all 3 days and a tote bag! 

…and the MOST important dates to remember are…

July 25-27: Maine Quilts 2024!
July 24: Maine Quilts 2024 Opening Night Preview

Maine Quilts 2024 is less than 4 weeks away!

See you at the show!


 Marden’s is providing hundreds of yards of fabric, to be used for givewaways throughout the show. 

 Thank you, Marden’s! 

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