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A newsletter for Maine Quilts

Callie E Lavoie, Coordinator | | | 207-216-7358

Are you entering a quilt for judging this year? This is an informative and educational experience with comments from our Judges, Mary Walters, Pat Harrison, and Mary Derry. Please join us!

I have several judging changes to tell you about:

1. Six new ribbons will be added in the judged division; they are:

  • Best Pieced Quilt, Best Appliqué Quilt, Best Mixed Technique Quilt, Best Hand Quilted Quilt, Best Domestic Machine Quilted Quilt, Best Long Arm Quilted Quilt. Each ribbon will include all sizes.

2. If you are volunteering in the Judging Room you may now enter a quilt in the Judged Division. We will rely on your discretion (poker face) when your quilt is judged.

3. Quilts made from kits with fabrics and preprinted whole cloth quilts will be disqualified.

4. Teacher quilts may not be entered in the Judging Division.

5. The scoring sheet will have two categories each with a potential 50 points.

DESIGN points

  • Visual impact
  • Unity of components
  • Effective use of color and value
  • Balance, proportion and scale
  • Quilting design is balanced and well chosen, and enhances quilt top
  • Effective use of embellishments


  • Accurate and precise construction
  • Precise and consistent piecing and/or appliqué techniques
  • Other techniques well executed
  • Hangs/lies flat
  • Even and consistent quilting stitches, front and back
  • Balanced tension, no puckers
  • Unobtrusive starts and stops; knots are hidden
  • Embellishments well applied
  • Borders and/or edge treatments well-executed

Looking forward to seeing all the quilts entered in July!