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Callie E Lavoie, Coordinator | | | 207-216-7358

Maine Quilts is looking forward to our new special exhibits for July 2016!

1. Quilt As Desired – Curator Mary Kerr

Vintage tops have been “Quilted as Desired” by some of the best long arm quilters in our business. Together we have taken unremarkable vintage tops and created something magical! Enjoy this unique marriage of the old and new as the lines that divide our quilt worlds become blurred.

2. Fenway Park Revisited by Rosemary Bawn

Rosemary became a lifelong Red Sox fan in 1967, the year of the “Impossible Dream”. She made her first Red Sox quilt in 1992, naming it “I remember the $1.00 Bleachers”. She asked for autographs on fabric squares and later on the quilt itself. Other players signed at baseball card shows, the 1999 All-Star Fanfest, and Fenway’s autograph alley, which resulted in the quilt now bearing 65 major league baseball players’ autographs. Jean and Tom Yawkey are remembered for their six decades of team ownership (from 1934 to 1992) in the “Days of Glory on A Field of Dreams” quilt made by Rosemary in 1996. This quilt was a finalist in the All-American Quilt contest sponsored that year by “Land’s End” and “Good Housekeeping.” Other quilts feature individual players.

3. Little Quilts from Antique Inspirations with Cyndi Black and Wendy Caton Reed Curators

Have you ever seen an antique quilt that you wanted to reproduce but just didn’t feel you could undertake such a monumental task? We discovered the solution to this problem is to honor the original by making a smaller version. Each of the participants in this exhibition will reproduce a small interpretation of their chosen antique quilt. The entries are in and the excitement is building to see what quilters can do!

4. “Lupines on My Mind” Challenge

How will lupines grow into quilts? We can’t wait to see!

5. Area 7 “Meet A Quilter”

The announcement will be made at the January Members’ meeting.