We would like to take this opportunity to re-acquaint PTQG members with Maine Quilt Heritage and invite each and every chapter to hold a Documentation Day in their area.

Maine Quilt Heritage (MQH) is a committee of the Pine Tree Quilters Guild that was established for the purpose of preserving our quilt heritage. We began in 1987 with a series of statewide Documentation Days. Owners bring their quilts to these Documentation Days for physical analysis and we record all available information about the quiltmaker. To date MQH has documented over 2600 quilts in 63 Documentation Days held at 51 different locations.

Although we understand that it will be impossible to document all of the quilts in Maine, we hope to have a better overall geographical representation of these quilts over the next few years.

This is where you come in. Read “Documentation Guidelines” to give you an idea of what is required. If you have any questions, or if your chapter is interested in hosting a Documentation Day, please contact Wendy Reed gwreed@myfairpoint.net or Cyndi Black at 207.268.4581 or bsythmbl@fairpoint.net.

Upcoming Documentation Days


A Brief Guide to Caring for Quilts at Home