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O Happy Day Supply List

Learn how to make this very happy quilt while also having a great time! While playing with color, you will learn five techniques on how to make perfect circles, using both hand and machine sewing Come prepared to play, experiment, and have fun.

Supply fee of $5

  • Assorted fabrics, each should be at least 4.5” square. Be sure to include a variety of colors and values.
  • Neutral colored threads that generally match your fabrics
  • Basic sewing supplies, including a sewing machine that can zig-zag
  • Paper scissors
  • Hand sewing needles. If you use a thimble, bring it as well.
  • Small, pointed fabric scissors


We will be learning both hand and machine applique techniques. If you plan to applique by machine, you may want to use a monofilament thread for the top and a cotton thread for your bobbin. I like Superior Thread’s MonoPoly.

Timna Tarr