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Children’s Workshops

Quilting Workshops for Children

Quilting Classes for Children
Sponsored by The Fabric Garden, Madison, ME
Barbara Batchelder and Susan McPherson, teachers

Saturday two classes will be offered for children.
Space is limited to 10 children per class. The class fee is $15; there is no registration fee.
To register a child for one of these classes:

  • Use the Workshop and Event Registration form
  • Use a separate form for each child
  • Include the child’s age
  • A parent or guardian must sign the registration form.
Children’s Christmas Stocking

SATURDAY, JULY 27 9:00-Noon

701 Christmas Stocking

Children ages 7-12 with no previous quilting experience are encouraged to take this class. Students will learn the basics of quilting and use a sewing machine. Sewing machine, fabric, supplies and tools are provided. Participants will make a simplified version of a quilt-as-you-go Christmas stocking. This fun new project will showcase piecing and quilting techniques. The partially lined stocking will feature holiday squares and is trimmed with a fleece cuff.

SATURDAY, JULY 27 1:00-4:00

Children’s IPAD carrier and cell phone case
702 IPAD Carrier and cell phone case

This class is for children ages 10-17 who know how to use a sewing machine and have already made a fabric/quilt project using basic sewing machine skills. Sewing machines, fabric, supplies and tools provided.
Participants in this class will make an IPAD carrier that can store cords, earplugs and other accessories. In addition, there is an inside pocket that can hold a notebook or papers. The project involves piecing, quilting, and using a buttonhole foot. A cell phone case will also be made during the class.