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2019 Raffle Quilt

“Dreams of Attic Treasures” is a queen sized non-directional quilt, machined pieced by members of Calico Quilters of Yarmouth and machine quilted by Linda Deming, current president of Calico Quilters. The pattern is an original mix of traditional blocks, both pieced and appliqué, selected and organized by members of the Calico Quilters’ seven-member raffle quilt committee: Marlee Carter, Merrilee Ericson, Christine Force, Margaret Huit, Betty Jordan, Michelle Tibbitts, and Anne Turner.

All the fabric in the quilt was donated from members of Calico Quilters. To broaden the quilt’s appeal, no specific color(s) are dominant. Instead, contrast was created with the values of light, medium, and dark fabric. To make the quilt truly scrappy, each piece of fabric within the majority of the blocks is of a different pattern, based upon its value.

Raffle Tickets – It’s that time of year again! Show your support for our organization, Pine Tree Quilters Guild! Buy a ticket book or two for six chances for yourself or a friend.

Contact Cherie Piper or 207-846-9303 for additional tickets.

Raffle Quilt 2019
“Dreams of Attic Treasures”– PTQG Raffle Quilt 2019, Chaired by Cherie Piper