This year, Maine Quilts will be supporting the Maine Coalition to End Domestic Violence through the silent auction. Please consider making a donation and bidding on items at this year’s show. All donated items should have a minimum value of $25.00. If you’re submitting a handmade item for which you used a pattern, be sure to check the Blanket Permission List for information on obtaining permission for using the pattern. The Blanket Permission List is posted on the Maine Quilts’ website at:

The Silent Auction Donation Form is available for download from Maine Quilts’ website. If you are interested in making a donation or have any questions, please contact the Silent Auction Chairpersons Carol Reed at or Lee Priest at

Maine Coalition to End Domestic Violence Mission Statement:

The Maine Coalition to End Domestic Violence’s mission is to mobilize collaborative community action with and on behalf of a statewide network of Domestic Violence Resource Centers to ensure all people affected by domestic abuse and violence in Maine are restored to safety and perpetrators are held accountable.

To learn more about the work done by the Maine Coalition to End Domestic Violence, visit their website at: