Entries in the judged division may be the work of individuals or groups. Judging takes place prior to the show’s opening and is done by two experienced judges. Having a quilt judged is an opportunity to learn one’s strong points and weaknesses and provides entrants with knowledge to improve their quilt making as they continues to create wonderful quilts.

  • Judging categories will be Pieced (greater than 75% of the top construction is piecing); Appliquéd (greater than 75% of the top construction is appliqué); Mixed (even balance of pieced and appliquéd elements); Other (techniques other than piecing/appliqué, such as whole cloth, painted, etc.); Modern (inspired by modern design; characteristics may include minimalism, asymmetry, expansive negative space, bold colors and prints, and/or improvisational piecing); and Art. Depending on the number of entries in a category, the Show Coordinator and Judged Quilts Chair reserve the right to further subdivide any of these categories (e.g., Large Pieced and Small Pieced, etc.). If an entry does not meet the category criteria, the Judged Quilts Chair reserves the right to move it to a more appropriate category.
  • Judges may award First, Second, and Third Place ribbons in each category. In addition, they may (at their discretion) award up to two Honorable Mention ribbons in each category. If a category’s entry numbers are insufficient or if entries do not meet category criteria, the judges reserve the right not to award all place ribbons in all categories.
  • “Best in Judged” will be selected from among the First Place quilts. The “Best in Judged” quilt will not be awarded a category place ribbon as well; once it is selected, the other ribbon-winning quilts in its category will be moved up a level.
  • There will be six additional ribbons awarded: Outstanding Hand Quilting; Outstanding Domestic Machine Quilting; Outstanding Long Arm Quilting; Best Use of Color; Best Use of Embellishments; and Best First-Time Entry in Judged Division.
  • Each judge will also award a “Judge’s Choice” ribbon, and, at her discretion, a NACQJ Award of Merit ribbon. The judges may choose from both the judged and display entries for their selection of these awards.
  • Only 100 quilts will be accepted in the Judged Quilts Division. You will be notified only if your quilt is NOT accepted.
  • Entries will be accepted by postmark date.
  • Quilts made from kits with fabrics and preprinted whole cloth quilts will be disqualified.
  • Be aware that due to the mechanics of the judging process, it may not be possible to honor special handling requests.
  • An individual may enter up to two quilts in the Judged Quilts Division; however, Maine Quilts reserves the right to make a limit change.
  • The judged quilt entry fee is $25 for PTQG members and $35 for non-members, per quilt. This fee is refundable only if the quilt is not accepted in the Judged Quilts Division.
  • To remain anonymous during judging of the quilt, entrants must cover their name, by loosely basting a piece of fabric, wherever it appears on the quilt, front or back. 
  • To receive judges’ comments after the show, please send a business size, self-addressed, stamped envelope to Sue Rapalus, Quilt Registrar, 51 Pierce St., Gardiner, ME 04345. (If you have two entries, a single SASE may be used to receive both judging sheets.)
  • Judges for 2023 are Pat Harrison CJ, NACQ and Mary Walter. 

If you have questions, contact: Pam Nourse at pjwnmd@gmail.com.