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“Bee Sew Inspired” Challenge

Sponsored by The Fabric Garden, Madison, ME

That’s the 2018 theme for Maine Quilts! And, of course, it makes us all smile — we immediately picture the hundreds of bee images we find everywhere today: from cereal boxes to computer screens, bees are popular! So, bring them on — every entry is welcome as long as the general rules are followed, and the expectation is that swarms will be entering the exhibit this year. The other part of the theme is ‘sew inspired.’ What inspires you to sew a fabulous quilt? Is it the fabric? Is it the pattern? Is it your fellow quilters at show and tell? Do you take pictures from nature and turn them into beautiful landscape art? Your inspiration is very important to us at Maine Quilts — we are so often inspired by each other, it is our failsafe!