Lepidoptera [lep-i-dop-ter-uh] noun ~ Any of more than 180,000 species of Butterflies, characterized by four large wings covered with small scales. 

This queen-sized quilt was donated by Linda Throckmorton, a charter member of Pine Tree Quilt Guild. It began as a teaching project of reverse appliqué – she made kits for each block for the members of her local chapter. The chapter chose another project instead and they sat around Linda’s home for a couple of years when she decided to make them herself. Lucky for us! The result is these expertly reverse hand-appliqued butterfly blocks that make up this colorful quilt!  94”x 99” ~ Machine quilted by Marlene Wilbur.

If you would like some tickets, please email your request to the Raffle Quilt Chair, Elly Simard, at ufoquilter1@gmail.com