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Quilt Exhibits

Maine Quilts provides members of Pine Tree Quilters Guild, Inc. and other quiltmakers the opportunity to share their work with those who appreciate this wonderful art form. 

Display Quilts Division 
This exhibit is open to all quilters, from beginners to the accomplished artist and from youth to seniors. A quilt is truly an expression of thoughts and feelings; often the quilt will tell a personal story. 

Judged Quilts Division
Chaired by Pam Nourse 
Entries in the judged division may be the work of individuals or groups. Elimination Judging takes place prior to the show’s opening and is done by two experienced judges. Having a quilt judged is an opportunity to learn one’s strong points and weaknesses and provides the individual with knowledge to improve his or her quilt making as he or she continues to create wonderful quilts. 

“From Needle to Needle” Challenge
Sponsored by The Fabric Garden, Madison, Maine Chaired by Melissa Dusoe 
That’s the 2020 theme for Maine Quilts! The options are endless. There are pine needles and sewing needles but how to put them together, or not. That’s where the creativity comes in. Anyone who has been to the show knows that there is no shortage of creativity in the world of quilting. It is always astonishing and delightful to see what quilters come up with in the yearly challenge. 

Chapter / Group Challenges Exhibit
PTQG chapters often challenge their members to create a quilt with a specific theme, special fabrics and / or colors. These group challenges present a special opportunity for chapter/groups to reach inside themselves and to share with each other their interpretations of a particular subject or technique. It is a great exercise for all. The results are always fascinating and provide an opportunity to see the many ways quilters look at a subject. This year’s theme is “From Needle to Needle