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Quilt Divisions, Categories and Terms


A quilt can be entered in only one division. It is your choice which division to enter the quilt in; please read the following information carefully to help with your decision. Each quilt in the Judged Division is judged using the Elimination System. 

Display Division – open Division for all sizes not Judged. 

Judged Division – to be judged with Elimination Judging 

Theme Challenge Division – “From Needle to Needle: 

Chapter/Group Challenges Quilts submitted by a chapter or a group done as a challenge within a chapter/group. Entry forms are available online or contact the Quilt Registrar at quiltsreg@mainequilts.org, (207) 582-0277. 


Pieced – quilts more than 75 percent pieced 

Appliquéd – quilts more than 75 percent appliquéd 

Mixed – an even balance of pieced and appliquéd elements 

Other – any quilts that do not fit into the pieced or appliquéd categories, such as whole cloth, crazy quilt, redwork, embroidered, stenciled, painted, cathedral window, etc. 

Modern – primarily functional and inspired by modern design; characteristics may include minimalism, asymmetry, expansive negative space, bold colors and prints, and/or improvisational piecing. 

Art – range of visual arts: painting, printmaking, photography, graphic design, etc. 


Original – First, new creation; not a copy of a previous work; patterns and/or works by others are not used. 

Traditional – “Quilts made using designs which are in the public domain and passed down from generation to generation” (from Worth Doing Twice: Creating Quilts from Old Tops by Patricia J. Morris and Jeannette Tousyey Muir). No published patterns or kits may be used. 

Perimeter – Distance around all outside edges; width ↔ plus length ↕ x 2; e.g. 54”w + 80”l = 134” x 2 = 268” perimeter. 

Professionally Quilted – Quilted by hand or machine by someone other than the quilt maker for payment (fee, goods or services).