305 Double Reverse Appliqué
with Ellen Lindner


Friday, July 28,  8:30 AM – 4:30 PM

Workshop 305
Free motion skills needed

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Check out the killer project for this class! You’ll finish an apple in class and start on a pear. This raw edged appliqué technique is extremely accurate. Ellen’s tricks for staying organized will ensure that your class time is efficient, productive, and free of frustration. You’ll also learn tips for making your own DRA patterns.

Ellen Lindner

A former flight instructor, Ellen Lindner didn’t try her hand at art until her forties.  As she began to explore this new interest, reading, observing, and experimenting became her teachers. Her work is often inspired by the tropical plants in her Florida neighborhood.  She enjoys portraying their vibrant colors and dramatic shapes with her own fabric collage technique.  Now using her teaching skills at a lower altitude, she teaches online and in person, as well as via her episodes on Quilting Arts (PBS) and The Quilt Show (online.) Ellen has also written two eBooks and several articles. 

Ellen says, “I consider making art to be an adventure:  one filled with challenges, joys, frustrations, and surges of adrenalin.”