• Space in Raffle Alley is only for sale of quilt raffle tickets or machine quilting service. You may have brochures, membership information or other materials promoting your group and its activities. 
  • Applications to be returned by May 15th accompanied by the required refundable registration fee of $25
  • All individuals and Chapters must have written permission from the quilt designer stating their quilt pattern may be used as a raffle quilt by the individual and/or Chapter.
  • Each person and/or Chapter is responsible for setting up their quilt and manning their space for the assigned period of time.
  • Everyone working in a Raffle Alley space must be a PTQG member. 
  • Space in Raffle Alley does not include admission to the show. 
  • Raffle quilts may not be a display quilt at Maine Quilts.  
  • Written confirmation of acceptance of Raffle Alley space must be submitted to the Raffle Quilt Chairperson within two weeks of notification of acceptance.
  • All items must be removed at the end of scheduled time(s). PTQG is not responsible for anything left behind.

Quilts in Raffle Alley must have a sign with quilt pattern design source information, the name of the PTQG Chapter and/or individual member(s) sponsoring the quilt and information about how proceeds for the raffle quilt ticket sales will be used.

If there are any questions or if more information or clarification is needed please contact leeprist0@gmail.com