Sarah Ann Smith

From infancy, I moved all over the world.  A lot.  So nowhere was truly home.  Less than two years after we arrived in Maine in July 2004, in my 40s, I made two quilts depicting winter with technicolor stone walls and trees and lots of snow. Those quilts flowed out of me effortlessly! I realized that while I wasn’t born in Maine, I should have been:  my birthplace was an accident of geography.  And I knew I had finally found Home.  

This summer marks 20 years since we arrived in Camden and I attended my first Maine Quilts.  This exhibit showcases my work from my earliest art quilts to the present as I matured as an artist and became confident in my voice, skill, subject matter and style. I hope Finding Home brings you joy, just as living in Maine and being accepted as part of the state’s quilt community has brought joy and home to me.