Please support our guild by reviewing the descriptions below and let the Nominating Committee know if you are interested in running for one of these offices.  More detailed information about the duties of each position is available upon request.  These are two-year positions up for election at September’s PTQG Members meeting:

1st Vice President:  The 1st Vice President serves as chairperson of the Guest Workshop/Program. 

Treasurer:  The Treasurer has care of PTQG’s funds.

Directors-at-Large:  Directors-at-large serve as liaison between the membership and the General Board.  Duties include set up and clean up at meetings, helping distribute door prizes, assisting with show and tell, and serving as the Nominating Committee.  2023 openings are for Directors 2 and 4:

          Director 2:  Director 2 is responsible for door prizes at Members Meetings.

          Director 4:  Director 4 is responsible for the first aid kit and accident reports at all PTQG, Inc. 

Each PTQG Board member attends all board meetings and members meetings. Email addresses of PTQG Board members can be found on the PTQG website

We look forward to hearing from you.

The Nominating Committee
Sandi Hunt, Betty Lerette, Diane Brause, Nena Cunningham