2022 General Board Opportunities at PTQG 

by Diane Brause

We are looking for nominees for the September 2022 election of new officers to the PTQG Board. We are happy to provide more information if you have any questions. Please contact any member of the Nominating Committee if you are interested or would like to recommend someone for any of the following postions.

President: The president shall be elected by the members and shall be the chief executive officer of the corporation, and when present, shall preside at all meetings of the members, the General Board, and the Executive Committee. The President shall appoint committee chairpersons and shall perform other duties as the General Board shall designate. The President shall also have the power to endorse checks and notes of the corporation along with the treasurer.

2nd Vice-President: The 2nd vice-president shall serve as chairperson of the Mini-Grant Committee and oversee scholarship applications and awards.

Secretary:  The secretary shall keep accurate records and minutes of all meetings of the members, the General Board, and the Executive Committee, and shall perform such other duties and have such other powers as the General Board shall designate. 

Directors-at-Large: Directors-at-Large serve as liaisons between the membership and the General Board. Duties include set up and clean up at meetings, helping distribute door prizes, assisting with show and tell, and serving as the Nominating Committee. There are four Directors-at-Large. The 2022 openings are for Directors 1 and 3.

Director 1: Director 1 shall be responsible for the quilt frame rental and frame maintenance and must go in person to admit people into the Augusta storage unit.

Director 3: Director 3 shall be responsible for the management of the Education/Curriculum boxes. 

Each PTQG Board member attends all Board Meetings and Members’ Meetings and/or submits a report. The term of each of these positions is two years. No officer may serve more than 3 consecutive terms in the same office. We look forward to hearing from you.

The Nominating Committee:

Sandi Hunt, sandihunt@outlook.com
Betty Lerette, lerette1937@gmail.com
Diane Brause, dbrause@maine.rr.com
Nena Cunningham, quilt4u@aol.com