125th Members’ Meeting

125th Members’ Meeting

September Members’
Meeting Agenda

September Members’ Meeting News

Waterville Thomas College, Summit Room,
180 West River Road, Waterville, Maine
Saturday, September 7, 02019
Business meeting at 10:00 a.m.

Unfortunately, we have canceled Sue Edmonson workshops and lecture for the Members’ weekend. We did not have sufficient enrollment for the workshops.

Carolee Withee
Carolee Withee

Please join us for our Saturday lecture with Carolee Withee, a longtime PTQG member and a resident of Maine.

She is presenting: WHY I LEARNED TO TAT!

I will bring blue-ribbon winning quilts from 2016 and 2017; which were recognized for embellishment and mixed techniques. This season’s quilt, Holiday Villages, was inspired by the red roofs of Italy and Croatia. All of my latest quilts contain at least one piece of vintage handwork and lace, stitched figures, and fabric paint to enhance the theme of the quilt. All of the quilt designs are original. Because I like learning new techniques, my designs seem to have evolved into a style that says “The more, the better!”

My husband, our cat and I moved to Whitefield in 2000. The walls in our new home were pretty bare so I started making small and colorful quilts to hang. When I started adding vintage handwork to each quilt, I realized how much I like designing. I have given many trunk shows, and I hope, given ideas to women who have inherited embroidery. I continue to be involved in a project making pieced quilts for Veterans, but more and more, I find my pleasure in embroidery. The only problem is that my kitchen table serves as my workspace. There is no room leftover for my husband to sit and eat!

Career: School teacher in Cumberland, ME. Taught at Universities while in Peace Corps in Kyrgyzstan; also, in Moldova. Traveled a lot! A summer study in Israel, seminar in Australia, summer work camp in Czechoslovakia, biking trips and archaeology participant.
Love Maine winters because I snowshoe (and because I don’t HAVE to drive in the snow).
Still love to grow flowers, but as my age increases, my garden size decreases.