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PIECING TOGETHER MAINE QUILTS - a newsletter for Maine Quilts

Volume 3, Issue 5 - May 2017

Callie E Lavoie, Coordinator,,, 207-216-7358

12 more weeks!

  1. Last postmark date for quilt registration is May 15th! If you need a form and/or entry information go to your brochure or our website: need your quilts! All four of them!
  2. The workshops with sewing machines provided are filling well; teachers with machines are Pat Delaney and Ann Unrein. It is so wonderful for the students to not lug their machines. Enjoy using the machines donated by The Fabric Garden and Cotton Cupboard. There will be an expert helper from the vendor/manufacturer available in workshop all day. We’re letting the teacher teach. If you have a chance at the show, stop by their booths and thank them for their generosity! And check out the special show prices they will offer!
  3. Have you signed up for a workshop yet? Eight workshops are full! We have a few workshop spaces for Jamie Wallen, Harriet Hargrave, Philippa Naylor and Ann Unrein as well as Froncie Quinn, Pat Delaney and Pat Pauly. Sign up now! Check our website for further updates on full workshops:
  4. Volunteer! There are 2 hour shifts to be filled! Maine Quilts needs you to make this show a success! 2 hours will give you a free day admission.
      • Want to hang quilts and the quilts up close and personal?
      • Many sit down jobs including Admission, Silent Auction, Show Information table, Raffle Ticket table, Raffle Sewing Machine table, Volunteer table, Quilter’s Walk, White Glove volunteers and Merchandise.
      • We also need vendor assistants..
      • We need help to load the U-haul on Tuesday morning, show set up and show take down of quilts and reloading the U-haul and unloading at the storage unit Saturday after the show.
      • Find what you can do to help, fill out a form from your brochure or on our website and send to Susan Bulay, Volunteer Chair. Questions? Ask Susan at or 207-827-6136.

    • Do you want to teach a demonstration Thursday, Friday or Saturday for 10 -15 minutes?   Contact Carol Reed at
    • Are you creating a challenge entry for Fantastically 40!?  Does 40 mean something special to you? Maine Quilts is celebrating its 40th year. Have you celebrated something fantastic? Enter your quilted item and receive the challenge pin created for just this category. The challenge row chair, Kim, is looking for printed items for display with this challenge. If you have ideas or items for her to use for the show please contact Kim at or 627-2275.
    • Entering a raffle quilt for raffle alley? Contact Lee by May 15 at or 876-3508.

“If I clean the house it just gets dirty again. But if I make a quilt, it stays made!!  Don’t worry about that spring cleaning!”

Volunteer and join us for a good show!

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