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40th Anniversary Show
July 27-29, 2017
at the Augusta Civic Center


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Quilt Entry Information and General Guidelines

Quilt entries must be postmarked by May 15, 2017.
No late entries will be accepted.

Please Read Carefully!

  • Quilt entries will be accepted by postmark date.
  • Only 100 quilts will be accepted in the Judged Quilts Division.
  • An individual may enter a combined total of four quilts in the Chapter/Group Challenge, Display Quilts Division, Judged Quilts Division, Red and White Stitched Together Division and/or “Fantastically 40!” Challenge.
    • An individual is limited to the entry of two quilts in the Judged Quilts Division.
    • An individual is limited to the entry of one item in the “Fantastically 40!” Challenge.
  • In addition to the maximum of four quilt entries, a person may donate items for the Silent Auction.
  • Original or Traditional quilts may be offered for sale. Interested buyers can fill out a “Quilt for Sale Contact Information Form” at the quilt show information table so that the quilt maker can contact potential buyers after the quilt show.
  • All quilt entries must be postmarked no later than May 15, 2017. No late entries will be accepted.
  • The submission of any quilt is deemed to include a statement that the quilter has obtained written permission from any holder of a copyright for the design or other elements of the quilt. Such permission will permit the quilter to display the quilt publicly and allow it to be photographed. Maine Quilts reserves the right, in its discretion, to ask any quilter to furnish a copy of such permission. This applies to Chapter/Group Challenge entries as well as individual entries.
  • Quilts may not have been previously exhibited at Maine Quilts, except by special request.
  • All quilts must contain quilting except those made by children or that meet the Technique – Other description
  • Each quilt must have a label that includes the quilter’s name and title of the quilt, and is sewn onto a bottom corner of the quilt back.
  • All quilts, larger than 15” x 15”, must have hanging sleeves.
    • Sleeve must have at least a 4” opening and have top and bottom sewn securely to the quilt back.
    • Top of sleeve must be no more than 88” from the bottom of the quilt.
    • Entries received without sleeves or sleeves improperly attached will not be accepted.
  • Chapter/Group Entry forms are available online or from the quilt registrar.
  • Chapter/Group Mini-Challenges must be sewn or pinned to a backing (provided by Chapter/Group) with each Mini-Quilt identified by title, maker, size of quilt, and design credits. Backing must be no longer than 88”. This includes mini challenges submitted for entry into the special exhibit “Fantastically 40!” Challenge.
  • Quilts that require special handling (fragile embellishments, special hanging apparatus, can’t be folded, etc.) must be approved, prior to entry, by the Quilt Registrar. Framed pieces will not be accepted.
  • Maine Quilts reserves the right to refuse entries that cannot be photographed for Maine Quilts archival purposes, are not suitable for the general audience, have sharp objects or do not meet the entry guidelines.
  • Entrants are solely responsible for insuring their quilt(s).


  • Entrants are responsible for:
    • Delivering their quilt(s) to their selected site on Saturday, July 22 between 10 a.m. and 1 p.m.
      • Delivery sites are NOT prepared to accept quilts at any other time; please do not ask them.
      • Each quilt must be delivered in a separate cloth bag marked with the entrant’s name, address and phone number.                 OR
    • Shipping quilts to arrive July 10-20.
  • Each entrant (except for shipped quilts) will receive their receipt(s), quilt number(s) and pick up number on quilt delivery day.
  • No work may be withdrawn prior to the close of the show on Saturday, July 29.

Entrants are responsible for picking up their quilts at the Augusta Civic Center on Saturday, July 29 between 6:30 and 7 p.m. or making arrangements to have them shipped back. Contact Anne Gould or 207-431-2293, to make arrangements to have your quilt(s) shipped back to you.

Questions about entering a quilt? Contact the Quilt Registrar, Carmen Dickinson.

Quilt Registration

Have you decided what quilt(s) you are entering and if it needs copyright permission? Below is a list of designers and publishers we have information for.
All “permissions” require proper pattern, book, publisher and designer credit be given.

  • Check the Blanket Permission list. Maine Quilts may already have permission from a designer and/or publisher. 
  • Look in the book or magazine. There may already be a statement that gives you permission to display the quilt.
  • If you need to take the next step, determine who to contact – you may need to contact the publisher as well as the author/designer/artist.   For additional questions email Carmen at or Callie.


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